Animo Triathlon 09 – My First Tri

I swim.. I bike.. and if ready, i will run again. 3 in 1? Try a Tri?

That was the last line in my  post dated April 23.  Well,  I did it.

After much thought and some prodding from friends,  I registered for the  Animo Tri-event.  I decided to start at the very basic, the mini-sprint, so I do not have to cram for training.  Since this will be my first tri event,  I wanted to make sure I enjoy it and would want to go back for more.

I was not really excited but a little anxious  so  I left the house early to make sure  I’ll be at Ayala Alabang by 5am. Participants were  just starting to come in. Not knowing what to do, I left my stuff in the van and proceeded to the check-in area, got my race packet and went back to the van to get my stuff.  In the transition area,  I saw Jamike , Miguel and Jaymie preparing their stuff and hanging their bikes on the racks.  The four of us were registered in the mini sprint.  We had the chance to simulate the race route a  few days before the race.

While I was putting my race number stickers in my bike and helmet,  I saw Bobby Guevara whom I met at Ateneo pool two months ago. Both of us were cross training, thinking then of joining the Animo tri-event… and yes we both did.  It was nice seeing you there, Bobby.  Also, It was nice to see familiar faces. I saw some friends from Total Athlete Network (Melody, BJ,  Jason and Hans),  some friends from the running community who are also seasoned tri-athletes (Marga, Marc, Jake and Levy) all of whom were doing the sprint event.  Thank you guys for the encouragements. And the ever supportive wives who were there to take pictures and pushed their husbands (Tiffin, Mayi, Allyn, Dang).  My sole mate was supposed to come with me. But she got sick the night before the race.  She wanted to come and cheer for me but i told her to stay at home and rest.


A minute and a half after the age 13-15 male mini sprint took-off,  All mini sprint male participants were called to the pool. That means 16 to 50 years old above.  Shhh, young ones together with the young once. I even saw some seasoned tri-athletes in the pool already. Well.., expect the unexpected.  This will be a tough race.  As soon as the air horn sounded, we ‘re off.  As warned by some friends you will experience some traffic in the pool and being hit from every angle is a given.   I tried squeezing myself trying to maneuver and i find a clear spot to swim. After the 2nd lap, the pack became thinner and I was able to overtake some and started to get my rhythm.  At the last lap, I breathed a sigh of relief and whispered to myself, thank God I finished the swim which is really  my weakest link.  I came out of the pool with a time of 8:01mins., better than my training time.


Off to transition area, put on my bike shoes, shirt, helmet, race belt and off to ride.  I don’t know what my speed was but I think I did pretty well  in the bike coz was able to overtake some mini sprint male participants.  I guess our simulation really worked for me as I was able to master the race route, use my gears wisely and reserve  my strength especially when the uphill portion came. One male biker kept chasing me at downhill portions but always managed to  pass him at the uphill. On the last climb before turning right to Acacia towards University drive, it was all speed and high gear for me. I just slowed  before turning left reaching the transition area.  As soon as I dismounted from my bike, I felt my legs were a little shaky. Bike time: 30.27mins.

Coming out of T1

Coming out of T1


Ran slowly towards the transition area and put on my running shoes and cap.  I started slowly on the run trying to put my running rhythm in place. Upon reaching the Lauan Street, I started to pick up my pace and started passing some runners.  I was breathing heavily and a bit tired but i can feel that my legs are still okay and can still push it. This is were I should be able to do well.  As soon as I saw downhill,  u-turn area and the only water station, I increased my pace gradually. I heard somebody shouting “Go Jun!” from the other side of the street.  When I looked at my left, it was  Javy and Andrew who did not join the race but was there to run and i guess encourage their Team Super teammates and other friends as well. Thanks guys for the push.  Continually increased my pace at the uphill of the University Drive all the way to Narra to the finish line… And I made it… Yoohoo!. I survived!…

I finished in 56.16 mins, 8th out of 49 male participants in the mini-sprint.  I don’t know if that’s good for a first timer, but I am very happy with it.  Congratulations to all fellow first timers and to all finishers.

It was a good day, a great experience,  a great race overall.  Getting familiar with race route did well for us but simulating the race routine made us more focused and confident in the race. I don’t know when my next tri-race will be, but I will do it again.. for sure.

Sprinting the last 200 meters

Sprinting the last 100 meters

With training buddies Jamike, Jaymie (placed 2nd mini-sprint female. Congrats!), and Miguel

Thanks Mayi and Jaymie for the photos!

I feel bad that I couldn’t be there to support Jun in his very first triathlon.  I was sidelined by flu and up to this writing I am still sick.  I was supposed to be his official photographer.  Good thing the other wives were there to take some pics.  My thanks to Mayi for the pics.  Those were great shots.

Though I couldn’t be there physically, I was there in spirit praying for your good finish.  Can’t wait to watch your next one…


9 Responses to “Animo Triathlon 09 – My First Tri”

  1. 1 Levy June 16, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    Hi JunC,

    Congrats on your first Triathlon!!! Ganda ng splits mo, sana maging convert ka na rin 🙂 May susunod na tri sa Alabang din ngayong October. Or kung gusto mo duon naman tayo sa MOA para sa duathlon ngayong June 28!!! Sayang di ko na kayo nakausap last Sunday. Pagkatapos ko magpahinga, di ko na kayo nakita. Congrats uli.

  2. 2 ibetlacbay June 16, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    congrats Jun! next time sa sprint event ka na.

  3. 3 m8parco June 17, 2009 at 9:44 am

    Puede nang mag Sprint sa October!

    Congratulations!!! Ang Galing!!!

  4. 4 run unltd. June 17, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    Congrats Jun. You looked cool at the bike. Ayos!

  5. 5 joe June 17, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    congrats on your 1st tri! at top ten finisher pa! 😀

  6. 6 Bro J June 19, 2009 at 7:48 pm

    Hi Jun,
    congrats on your first TRI! wow ibang level ka na. The pictures shows pormang tri-athlete talaga. Hope to see in future races.

  7. 7 marga June 22, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    like i said, am proud of you and miguel for doing great on your first tri! 🙂 galing galing!

    mariel honey!!!! glad that you’re back home already!!!! recover well!

  8. 8 thesolemates June 23, 2009 at 8:21 am

    Thanks Levy, Wilbert, Mark, Vener, Doc Joe, Bro J, Marga. I’m encouraged by fellow runners like you guys who train hard to fulfill their goals. See you on the road… -Jun

    Thanks Marga! So proud of Jun, too.
    Thank God I’m out of critical stage… So glad to be back home. Will see you soon! – Mariel

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