Mizuno Infinity ’09 Post-Race Report

Eventhough I was looking forward to joining the Mizuno Infinity Race this year, I was not able to  prepare for this race well. Wasn’t able to log in much mileage since it has been raining lately.   Threadmill?… not much of a friend to me.  I turned to swimming and spinning instead.  I was more focused or should I say, more  anxious about the next feat that I will be trying this coming Sunday.  Though I didn’t get to run much, I tried to prepare myself mentally for the race.  I wanted  to have a good run since I have not had a chance to run a 15k for a quite a while now.  Running more on a training mode rather than on race mode, I still prepared well anticipating possible clogging at the water stations so I donned my hydration belt.  Also, tried to anticipate possible rains so I brought an … umbrella (kidding! Just anticipating what Mariel would probably be doing preparing for the rains. he he he).

It was almost a misstep again for me and Mariel.  She woke up late, was not in high spirits, missed her breakfast, haaay… so  patiently waited for her…. We arrived at BHS at already around 5:20am.  While still queued at the parking entrance, Mariel suggested that she’ll be the one to park and that I should go ahead and proceed to the starting line since 15k will start at exactly 5:30am while her 10k will not start till 6:00am.   I headed straight to the corral without doing any warm-ups and in just a  few minutes, I was off together with some running friends Jay, Vince, Ordo, Hector, Mickey, Neville and Ben.  After a few seconds,  I  saw Vima who was still all smiles (before the red cross moment) and Jaymie and Miguel, who were also late for the race. We all ran together for the first 2k chatting and just catching up with each other.  Vince, who was in high spirits took the lead not only in pace  but in the chikka and joke time as well.

Before climbing  the Kalayaan flyover,  each one of us went off to our different paces and strategies.  I maintained my pace as planned and didn’t push myself too much so as not to aggravate any pain in my knee.  As anticipated, there was a long queue at the water station so didn’t bother to stop except at the last water station just to douse some water onto my head.   Good thing that I brought my Amphipod with me.

There is one question that always pops-up in my mind every time I join a race longer than 10k.   “What am I doing this for?”  Again it came up on the last 3.5k.  Kept me thinking for a while trying to  find the right answer but as soon I hear people cheering and  get to see a glimpse of the finish line, that question is gone, washed away by the perspiration and water off my body.   It turned out to be a good race for me …  cut 4mins from my previous 15k last November.

What is it about this Kalayaan flyover route that makes me start late for a race.?

Yes, folks, I again raced to the starting line to be able to start together with all the other runners.  Again, the last minute restroom break was the culprit.  Only this time,  it wasn’t Jun.  He has already started earlier at 5:30am for the 15k run.  It was me!  Mother nature called too late when I was already in the corral, had done stretchings and joined the Fitness First warm-up together with all the other runners.  It was only 4 minutes before race start.  Oh my! Must be the full bottle of Rush I downed before the race to compensate for missing my breakfast.  I was already running towards the corral when I heard the race officially starting. I still made it through as the end of the pack was leaving the starting line.  So,  just like the Botak Run, I started at the tail end.

Anyways, except for that, the run was quite uneventful for me . . .  in a good way.  Except for the “salok” type serving of water in one water station and some queueing  getting a cup of either water and gatorade, I have no complaints.  (Oh, add the not so nice finisher’s singlet there).   Mizuno did a pretty good job, I think.  I felt no pain on either leg (must be the shoes!  I will post a full review soon), ran strong, saw Jun on his way back and exchanged a midfive and got rejuvenating cheers from good friends Coach Rio, Jaymie and Ben at different points in the race.  With our friends all basically running the 15k, I had the chance to see most of them during the race proper as they were going back the same route.  Waved a few hi’s and hello’s to friends Vener, Marc and Tiffin, Vince, Miguel and Vimz.  Seeing familiar faces during the race somehow uplifts my spirits.  Thanks for the nice cheers and greetings, guys! Shaved off around 5 minutes from my record and finished at an unofficial PR time of 1.09.42  🙂

Of course after our usual photo-ops, off we went to Pancake House again for a post-race breakfast.  It was also nice to have met some more runners like Mikey,  Joy,  Raymund and Bobby.  We had a blast at breakfast!  The conversations were just hilarious!  Running topic of course was … he he 😉

Vince (Finish Line), Neville, Hector (Second Wind) and JunC

Bobby, Mariel & Jun (Soul Mates), Vima(Kulit Runner), Jaymie (the Bull Runner) & Miguel, Joy, Art, Mikey, Taki (TechSpec), Neville, Coach Rio (Run Rio) and Ian

While waiting to get seated outside Pancake House. Vima, obviously fully recovered and back to her old kulit self with Bobby, Mikey and Joy.

Breakfast finally! - Mariel, JunC, Raymund, Vima, Art, Coach Rio, Mikey, Joy & Bobby

Our usual Sole Mates post-race photo-ops


6 Responses to “Mizuno Infinity ’09 Post-Race Report”

  1. 1 run unltd. June 9, 2009 at 9:55 am

    Congratulations to both of you for setting another PR. Great. Haven’t stayed in the post race chikka for jay and I ran another 10. See you again, guys.

  2. 2 kulitrunner June 10, 2009 at 11:22 am

    waaaaahhhhh! i look pale in all the pictures i have been seeing so far… hay! anyway, red cross or no red cross moment, it is always fun to be with you guys. see you tonight at the Stock Market! 😉

  3. 3 marga June 11, 2009 at 12:19 am

    I am getting a kick out of Vimz’ paparazzi photos whatuppp hahahaha

  4. 4 bobby June 11, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    hi jun & marielle, it was nice hanging out with you and the kulits after last sunday’s race. sa uulitin hehehe…btw, nice blog, parang chix & del. =)

  5. 5 prometheuscometh June 13, 2009 at 8:30 am

    For some reason I knew you guys would be at pancake house after the race! You guys are getting stronger by the week. Before you know it full strength na yan!

  6. 6 Bro J June 19, 2009 at 7:53 pm

    congratulations to both of you jun and marielle!

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