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Coping with Uncertainty

Last Friday afternoon, with the results of my blood test on hand, Jun and I marched off to Medical City for my follow-up check-up excited yet equally apprehensive about what the doctor will advise next.  Will she give me the go signal to start running?

The Result:

I haven’t been running for 2 weeks now and I miss it terribly.  I was hoping my doctor will tell me that all is well and I can go back running albeit slowly.  That would have been fine with me.  One look at my test results though and her face turned confused.  “Your liver reading is still elevated.  It even increased.”  With that she asked me a battery of questions — Do you feel okay?  Do you feel tired? Are you eating well?  Are you breathing well?  Does your stomach  hurt? To those I answered a yes, no, yes, yes and no.  She lay me down on the clinic’s bed and checked me out.  Finding nothing unusual and nothing painful, she then said we have to do another test after a week and ordered several more different tests.  “Just to make sure”, she said.   I was told I can now resume normal activities.  With normal she meant doing groceries and going back to work.  Well, that is short of my normal activities.

  Now, the million dollar question,  “Can I go back to running now?”  She was aghast, ” Oh no no no!”   With that my heart sank.  “When?”, I asked.  Get the tests on Friday, see me again the following Monday, then we’ll know from there.”  “Am I allowed to go malling?”  “Relaxed pace, yes.”  Alright! that would do for now!   With that Jun and I headed off to BHS for some easy pace shopping.

Coping with Stress the Sole Mates Way 

1.  Go to Runnr Store, Nike, Speedo, Rox  for some Running Gear shopping

Probably eager to comfort me knowing that I still couldn’t run, Jun brought me to Runnr Store.  I was already sick when they opened so it was my first time there.  We  both had our gait analyzed and of course, I comforted myself with a brand new running singlet and shorts.  Jun, shaking his head, just helped me pick the best ones lest I have the staff  wrap  them all up.

2.  Eat at your fave restaurant

We had late snacks at Oliver’s, one of our fave gourmet sandwich outlets.  Hmmm… yummy!  Coupled with some very relaxed conversation, a real stress buster!

3.  Meet up with friends

Being a Friday,  we decided to wait for the Nike Clinic and just hang out with friends who will be there.  Early on, we had a chance to catch up with Coach Joar, Coach John, Ordo and later on Coach Rio and Vima.  Talks of Cam Sur dominated the topic since some of them are  joining (Jun says ssssh… he’ll be telling you about this in later posts).

4.  Go home early enough for some more bonding time at home with the kids.

There’s nothing like spending time with the kids.  It just brings sunshine to any situation.  Their enthusiastic welcome when we arrived home just makes cutting  the night-out a little short all worth it.

5.  Spend time with the One Source of Real Security.

Nothing is more comforting when you know you’re aligned  with God.  Staying in tuned with Him everyday and not just during not so ideal situations definitely helps us put things in proper perspective.   

Jun is now recovering from his injuries (hopefully, completely) and it is my turn to wait at the sidelines.  I guess, having gone through a “no running” period himself, my solemate fully understands how I’m feeling.  Going through this period, I now understand how he must have felt when he was sidelined with  injuries.  Too bad, I didn’t understand then just how bad he surely must have felt.

Right now, I still get easily tired even just walking at an easy, supposedly relaxed pace.  I find myself breathing  heavier than usual after walking even at malling pace.

But, no worries,  we know Someone up there is in full control and knows exactly what He’s doing.  We rest in Him… 🙂

This morning, I left  home early for a race.  This time, I left alone.  I know Mariel felt bad.  I see the look on her face and understand fully well how much she wanted to join.  In time …

Till then, I’ll just run for us both. 😉

Do that hon… Run well for the both of us… 🙂

Tomorrow, I’m going back to work.  What a week this has been.  I was able to rest well and with classes suspended for a few days I was able to spend a whole week with the family. Imagine that!!! For working Moms like me, that is truly a treat!  God really knows best. His plan is always perfect!


Run For Home – Phil. Running History-in-the-Making

This is actually reveal #2 from our post dated June 3 entitled “Mark Your Race Calendars” of then still secret races from Finishline:

On July 19, Globe-Ayala Land and Finishline is taking us a notch higher as they give us the first race of its kind in the Phils.  This will be the first time that Filipino runners will experience the benefits of a champion chip (disposable electronic  timing chip) without needing to fly-off to foreign shores for a race.  Exciting!!!

Technology will really invade this race.  On-site blogging, twitter, pixlink, free and downloadable race pics… Who else can pull this off but an entity like Globe?

Furthermore,  we’re going to be given a new and another exciting race route.  How about Ayala Avenue for starters?  Whoa!

This race promises to be something else.  As Angelo Yaneza, Globe Events Manager, painstakingly explained to us the other night at the press launch,  Globe wants this to be a venue for everybody to start getting fit and try out running.  So there will be a 3k, 5k, 10k and 21k events — a sufficient mix of distances to quench everyone’s thirst for a good run.

All types of runners are encouraged to join.  Walkers and runners, the young ones and young once alike are all welcomed.  This is designed for everybody and anybody who wants to be fit and/or start a fitness program, lose weight, support a definitely good cause like Habitat for Humanity or those who just wants to have plain, good, old fun!

Angelo Yaneza of Globe giving a brief of the race

Vince Mendoza of Finish Line giving us a heads-up on what to expect at the race

Runners and other fitness bugs happy and all ears during the briefing

Another first is Run Analysis for each participant exactly like the one we enjoyed at the  Singapore Marathon where we can all  view our standing and compare it with other finishers.  More than finding out how well or how pathetic ( ha ha) we did at the race, this is really a cool way of just finding out how we did vis-a-vis our friends, acquaintances, our running targets  or even the elite runners.  I think I’d have a blast (or shall I say, laughs?) just knowing where I was when the first runner finishes.  This might just push us  to run faster… ha ha ha  I wish I could get as many friends to run this race.  This will be so much fun and for an excellent cause at that!

Registration is from June 19 to July 14, 2009 only, through Globe website or at any Globe business centers in Metro Manila, Fitness First (Metro Manila branches only)  and at RUNNR, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City.   Race routes for all distances may be viewed also at the Globe website.

Claiming of Race kits and disposable timing chip will start on July 16 to July 18, 2009, three days before race day at BHS in front of ROX.

Be part of running history!  Register now and we’ll see you there!!!

Girls posing the Krissy way. The guys, ala James? 😉

with Marc, Taki, Tiffin, Mariel, Queenie and Angelo

Runners high with the prospect of another great race.

Tinamaan ng Lamok!

Tinamaan ng Lamok! Pls. include my sister mariel and niece bea in ur prayers.  Suspectd to have dengue.  Thanks!”

Those were my sister, Jen’s, exact text message describing what happened to me when she solicited her friends for prayers last week.  I was in the hospital then riding out the ill-effects of a low platelet count and my eldest daughter, Bea, was home but being closely monitored, too.  Sure lightens the mood of an otherwise serious text message, don’t you think? hehehe

The Onset

I was having a parlor session with my daughters Sofia and Mikka last Saturday afternoon, June 13,  when the chills struck.  It happened so fast.  I just felt suddenly soooo cold.  Brrrr..  It was a good thing the session was ending and I was already having my hair blow-dried and my 2 kids are all done with their haircuts.  I drove us home with my teeth chattering so bad that the short drive seemed such a long one.  I went straight to the spare room, slipped on my thickest jacket and covered myself with the thickest blanket we have.  I wouldn’t be able to stand up until the following morning.  Darn, I missed Jun’s first triathlon!  Managed only a whispered “I want to go” when Jun bid me goodbye early Sunday morning on his way to the Animo Tri.

I missed a lot of things being sick this week.  I missed my business trip to Davao, too.  I was supposed to leave Monday and stay there until Wednesday.  I was still toying with the idea of proceeding with the trip as I’ve gathered my whole VisMin team there for a business review.   Good thing I decided otherwise for my condition even got worse.  I missed the Men’s Health Trail Run, too, where I was registered for my first 15k.

I became concerned come Monday that it could be swine flu.  I seem to have all the signs — fever, muscle pains, headache, nausea and vomiting.  It was also on this day that our eldest daughter, Bea, developed rashes.   Now she didn’t feel sick at all.  We just noticed rashes on her hands and decided not to let her go to school that day.


By Wednesday though,  I seem to feel a lot weaker. Thankfully, Bea is still strong and still doesn’t feel sick at all.  We continued monitoring Bea’s condition through daily blood tests.  Jun brought me for blood testing at this point.  I was so weak, I had terrible headache and  I even blacked-out at the doctor’s office.  The doctor ordered an abdominal x-ray and blood test.  It was confirmed here that my platelet count is already way below normal.  I was advised to go straight to the hospital for confinement.  So, we went to the Medical City and that evening, it was confirmed that I have Dengue Fever and my platelet count is still going down.  No wonder I was so weak and nauseous!

I had a little scare come Saturday.  It was then that rashes  appeared all over both legs  and I had a little gum bleeding.  Ironically, it was also on this day that the doctor announced that my platelet has gone up 10 points.  Whew!

If it’s any consolation, the hospital staff at the Medical City gave really excellent care.  Service was really impeccable from the time I arrived at the ER up to my discharge. Truly great job!   I’m recommending this hospital should anyone out there needs to be confined, God forbids.

Of course,  my sole mate was just as busy taking care of us.  With Bea at home and me in the hospital, you can just imagine how Jun shuttled back and forth from the hospital to the house and vise-versa taking care of us both.  Good thing he is fit and well-energized.


1.  Dengue Fever is more deadly than the much hyped-up AH1N1.

2.  There is no medication for Dengue.  No meds to increase platelet count.  Like any other virus infection, the patient just had to ride out the cycle.

3.  Monitoring is key to determine if blood transfusion is necessary.

4.  Dengue Fever is not transmitted via air so no chance of getting it through direct contact with the infected person.  Transmission happens when a mosquito bites an infected person and then goes on to bite another person.

5. Dengue Fever may affect the liver.  Mine is still subject to doctor’s monitoring as I was told it was swollen during the height of my illness which explains my stomach discomfort then.

6.  Virus breeds on stress.  Best combatted through well-managed stress levels.  Running relieves stress.  So, let’s run on! (Like the logic?)

Well, I’ve been discharged last Sunday afternoon after 4 days in the hospital.  My platelet count is still not at normal levels so as per doctor’s orders, no work for a week, follow-up test on Thursday  and  no strenuous activities for some time until platelet count has normalized.  The doctor says this will take some time.

Missing the Fun … Missing the Run …

This pesteng lamok of course has set me back on my running goals.  When I was already preparing for my first 15k,  I will have to be relegated to at the most another 10k run next time.  This is what I registered for at the Run for Home Race next month.  But will I really be able to comfortably run a 10k by then or should I just have registered for a 5k?  Dreading what the doc will say tomorrow…

Oh, how many races will I miss???  How long till I can resume running again and feel as strong as before???

Yesterday morning, I woke up with Jun gone … He went out running … sigh …  He came back finding me with a puppy face.  Sooooo jealous of his morning run.

Till when???

What Matters Most

It is by under-going these trying situations though that you get to take stock of things that matter most — God, family and friends.

To our  dear family and friends who saw us through this,  thank you for all your love and concern!

We love you back!  Hugs, hugs!

This chronicle wouldn’t be complete without giving praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus, our Jehovah Rapha (God Our Healer), the One who sustains me in everything.   I love you, Lord.

Nike Lunar Glide+ for Men and Women review

Last year, I had an opportunity to test run the first Nike Lunar with some other runners.  Though it is a nice model, it didn’t serve my flat-foot well.  Last May 30, I was again invited to be part of a group of runners to test run the latest Nike Lunar Glide+.  One thing nicer about it is that Mariel gets to test the women’s model, too.  We’re excited at the prospect.  Should we both like it, we’ll have our official  Sole Mates shoes!

The event was originally scheduled that Saturday morning but the weather did not cooperate.  So, instead of a group test run, we were given our Nike Lunar Glides, to take home and test on our own.   I guess this is a better arrangement as we can get to test the shoes on longer runs and give  better reviews.

Review:  Lunar Glide+ for Men

For almost 14 months, I’ve been using my Supernova control shoes to help my flat feet.  After all the PT sessions, my PT advised that I can already shift  to neutrals.  It has been a month now that I have been using my neutral shoes, the Nike Zoom Start+,  that’s been helping  me a lot with my recovery.

The Nike Lunar Glide+ serves me just as well.  It has  a  great fit and feel on my feet.  I enjoy using it.  It’s light, weighing  only 10.6 oz.  The ride goes well which specifically follow even when my gait changes when already tired.  What i like about this shoes is it has also full-length cushioning and at the same time also has a  stable platform with a rear-foot wedge support.

Ran 10k on concrete road and felt  real comfortable riding on it and didn’t feel any pain at all.  The rear foot wedge really worked for me. The cushion is just perfect.   This new Nike Lunar Glide+  is a combination of a more improved 1st Nike lunar and modified Nike Zoom Start+ that serves my flat feet well.  I still need to test this in one of my long runs.  For now, I can say this will move up over my Nike Zoom Start+ and will give a rating of 4.5 blue soles ( 5 being the highest) for now.


Review:  Lunar Glide+ for Women

I started my running  life with my Adidas, bought with the thought that I can have something to use IF I decide to join Jun running one day.  One big pull was that it was on sale and I really liked the orange stripes and sole on what was generally white shoes.  I thought it was clean and cool.  I got  just my exact size and yes, you guessed it right, my left big toe nail almost died.  I was traumatized!  That’s exactly what I didn’t want to happen as I am so meticulous about my toe nails.  That’s the first and last time I used that pair.

As I didn’t want a repeat of that episode on my relatively virgin toe nails,  Jun got me a Nike Pegasus this time a much bigger  size!  It’s a little too big but it works for me.  I love it and it’s what I always use in races up to now.  In fact, I love it so much I’m considering buying another one of a different color until …

the Nike ladies!

All the Nike ladies, all the Nike ladies ... woh oh oh (bards, doray, me & vima)

doray, me and vima again

I got and tested my new NIKE LUNAR GLIDE+!!!  This babe is sooooo pretty that kikays like me will surely love it!  Don’t be deceived by its stylishly good looks though, it performs well under pressure, too.  I tried running on it for 14k (mind you, my longest run is 10k)  and it passed the test with flying colors!  I love the overall feel of it.  My feet felt like they’re  being cuddled gently by the soft material but at the same time felt firmly supported at the ankles.  I was particularly concerned about that as I am prone to ankle sprains.  Another thing that concerns me most is cushioning on the sole as mine feels very uncomfortable after a long run (I am still in a state of denial here so I’m just calling it a sole discomfort for the moment and not that technical name that sounds like an injury — plantar something — hehe)

Anyway,  this shoe provided excellent support for this pink sole.  It felt like I was running on … where else  but the moon!

Nike Lunar Glide,  the name sooooo fits!   I give this 5 pink sole stamps for excellence!  Love it, love it, love it!!!


Our 1st official Sole mate running shoes

Our first official Sole Mates running shoes

All happy after the test run

All happy after the test run

Available in your favorite Nike Park outlets starting July 2009.

Oh, by the way, ran with my Nike Lunar Glide+ at the Mizuno Race and timed in with a new PR.  Must be the shoes!!! 😉

Animo Triathlon 09 – My First Tri

I swim.. I bike.. and if ready, i will run again. 3 in 1? Try a Tri?

That was the last line in my  post dated April 23.  Well,  I did it.

After much thought and some prodding from friends,  I registered for the  Animo Tri-event.  I decided to start at the very basic, the mini-sprint, so I do not have to cram for training.  Since this will be my first tri event,  I wanted to make sure I enjoy it and would want to go back for more.

I was not really excited but a little anxious  so  I left the house early to make sure  I’ll be at Ayala Alabang by 5am. Participants were  just starting to come in. Not knowing what to do, I left my stuff in the van and proceeded to the check-in area, got my race packet and went back to the van to get my stuff.  In the transition area,  I saw Jamike , Miguel and Jaymie preparing their stuff and hanging their bikes on the racks.  The four of us were registered in the mini sprint.  We had the chance to simulate the race route a  few days before the race.

While I was putting my race number stickers in my bike and helmet,  I saw Bobby Guevara whom I met at Ateneo pool two months ago. Both of us were cross training, thinking then of joining the Animo tri-event… and yes we both did.  It was nice seeing you there, Bobby.  Also, It was nice to see familiar faces. I saw some friends from Total Athlete Network (Melody, BJ,  Jason and Hans),  some friends from the running community who are also seasoned tri-athletes (Marga, Marc, Jake and Levy) all of whom were doing the sprint event.  Thank you guys for the encouragements. And the ever supportive wives who were there to take pictures and pushed their husbands (Tiffin, Mayi, Allyn, Dang).  My sole mate was supposed to come with me. But she got sick the night before the race.  She wanted to come and cheer for me but i told her to stay at home and rest.


A minute and a half after the age 13-15 male mini sprint took-off,  All mini sprint male participants were called to the pool. That means 16 to 50 years old above.  Shhh, young ones together with the young once. I even saw some seasoned tri-athletes in the pool already. Well.., expect the unexpected.  This will be a tough race.  As soon as the air horn sounded, we ‘re off.  As warned by some friends you will experience some traffic in the pool and being hit from every angle is a given.   I tried squeezing myself trying to maneuver and i find a clear spot to swim. After the 2nd lap, the pack became thinner and I was able to overtake some and started to get my rhythm.  At the last lap, I breathed a sigh of relief and whispered to myself, thank God I finished the swim which is really  my weakest link.  I came out of the pool with a time of 8:01mins., better than my training time.


Off to transition area, put on my bike shoes, shirt, helmet, race belt and off to ride.  I don’t know what my speed was but I think I did pretty well  in the bike coz was able to overtake some mini sprint male participants.  I guess our simulation really worked for me as I was able to master the race route, use my gears wisely and reserve  my strength especially when the uphill portion came. One male biker kept chasing me at downhill portions but always managed to  pass him at the uphill. On the last climb before turning right to Acacia towards University drive, it was all speed and high gear for me. I just slowed  before turning left reaching the transition area.  As soon as I dismounted from my bike, I felt my legs were a little shaky. Bike time: 30.27mins.

Coming out of T1

Coming out of T1


Ran slowly towards the transition area and put on my running shoes and cap.  I started slowly on the run trying to put my running rhythm in place. Upon reaching the Lauan Street, I started to pick up my pace and started passing some runners.  I was breathing heavily and a bit tired but i can feel that my legs are still okay and can still push it. This is were I should be able to do well.  As soon as I saw downhill,  u-turn area and the only water station, I increased my pace gradually. I heard somebody shouting “Go Jun!” from the other side of the street.  When I looked at my left, it was  Javy and Andrew who did not join the race but was there to run and i guess encourage their Team Super teammates and other friends as well. Thanks guys for the push.  Continually increased my pace at the uphill of the University Drive all the way to Narra to the finish line… And I made it… Yoohoo!. I survived!…

I finished in 56.16 mins, 8th out of 49 male participants in the mini-sprint.  I don’t know if that’s good for a first timer, but I am very happy with it.  Congratulations to all fellow first timers and to all finishers.

It was a good day, a great experience,  a great race overall.  Getting familiar with race route did well for us but simulating the race routine made us more focused and confident in the race. I don’t know when my next tri-race will be, but I will do it again.. for sure.

Sprinting the last 200 meters

Sprinting the last 100 meters

With training buddies Jamike, Jaymie (placed 2nd mini-sprint female. Congrats!), and Miguel

Thanks Mayi and Jaymie for the photos!

I feel bad that I couldn’t be there to support Jun in his very first triathlon.  I was sidelined by flu and up to this writing I am still sick.  I was supposed to be his official photographer.  Good thing the other wives were there to take some pics.  My thanks to Mayi for the pics.  Those were great shots.

Though I couldn’t be there physically, I was there in spirit praying for your good finish.  Can’t wait to watch your next one…

Mizuno Infinity ’09 Post-Race Report

Eventhough I was looking forward to joining the Mizuno Infinity Race this year, I was not able to  prepare for this race well. Wasn’t able to log in much mileage since it has been raining lately.   Threadmill?… not much of a friend to me.  I turned to swimming and spinning instead.  I was more focused or should I say, more  anxious about the next feat that I will be trying this coming Sunday.  Though I didn’t get to run much, I tried to prepare myself mentally for the race.  I wanted  to have a good run since I have not had a chance to run a 15k for a quite a while now.  Running more on a training mode rather than on race mode, I still prepared well anticipating possible clogging at the water stations so I donned my hydration belt.  Also, tried to anticipate possible rains so I brought an … umbrella (kidding! Just anticipating what Mariel would probably be doing preparing for the rains. he he he).

It was almost a misstep again for me and Mariel.  She woke up late, was not in high spirits, missed her breakfast, haaay… so  patiently waited for her…. We arrived at BHS at already around 5:20am.  While still queued at the parking entrance, Mariel suggested that she’ll be the one to park and that I should go ahead and proceed to the starting line since 15k will start at exactly 5:30am while her 10k will not start till 6:00am.   I headed straight to the corral without doing any warm-ups and in just a  few minutes, I was off together with some running friends Jay, Vince, Ordo, Hector, Mickey, Neville and Ben.  After a few seconds,  I  saw Vima who was still all smiles (before the red cross moment) and Jaymie and Miguel, who were also late for the race. We all ran together for the first 2k chatting and just catching up with each other.  Vince, who was in high spirits took the lead not only in pace  but in the chikka and joke time as well.

Before climbing  the Kalayaan flyover,  each one of us went off to our different paces and strategies.  I maintained my pace as planned and didn’t push myself too much so as not to aggravate any pain in my knee.  As anticipated, there was a long queue at the water station so didn’t bother to stop except at the last water station just to douse some water onto my head.   Good thing that I brought my Amphipod with me.

There is one question that always pops-up in my mind every time I join a race longer than 10k.   “What am I doing this for?”  Again it came up on the last 3.5k.  Kept me thinking for a while trying to  find the right answer but as soon I hear people cheering and  get to see a glimpse of the finish line, that question is gone, washed away by the perspiration and water off my body.   It turned out to be a good race for me …  cut 4mins from my previous 15k last November.

What is it about this Kalayaan flyover route that makes me start late for a race.?

Yes, folks, I again raced to the starting line to be able to start together with all the other runners.  Again, the last minute restroom break was the culprit.  Only this time,  it wasn’t Jun.  He has already started earlier at 5:30am for the 15k run.  It was me!  Mother nature called too late when I was already in the corral, had done stretchings and joined the Fitness First warm-up together with all the other runners.  It was only 4 minutes before race start.  Oh my! Must be the full bottle of Rush I downed before the race to compensate for missing my breakfast.  I was already running towards the corral when I heard the race officially starting. I still made it through as the end of the pack was leaving the starting line.  So,  just like the Botak Run, I started at the tail end.

Anyways, except for that, the run was quite uneventful for me . . .  in a good way.  Except for the “salok” type serving of water in one water station and some queueing  getting a cup of either water and gatorade, I have no complaints.  (Oh, add the not so nice finisher’s singlet there).   Mizuno did a pretty good job, I think.  I felt no pain on either leg (must be the shoes!  I will post a full review soon), ran strong, saw Jun on his way back and exchanged a midfive and got rejuvenating cheers from good friends Coach Rio, Jaymie and Ben at different points in the race.  With our friends all basically running the 15k, I had the chance to see most of them during the race proper as they were going back the same route.  Waved a few hi’s and hello’s to friends Vener, Marc and Tiffin, Vince, Miguel and Vimz.  Seeing familiar faces during the race somehow uplifts my spirits.  Thanks for the nice cheers and greetings, guys! Shaved off around 5 minutes from my record and finished at an unofficial PR time of 1.09.42  🙂

Of course after our usual photo-ops, off we went to Pancake House again for a post-race breakfast.  It was also nice to have met some more runners like Mikey,  Joy,  Raymund and Bobby.  We had a blast at breakfast!  The conversations were just hilarious!  Running topic of course was … he he 😉

Vince (Finish Line), Neville, Hector (Second Wind) and JunC

Bobby, Mariel & Jun (Soul Mates), Vima(Kulit Runner), Jaymie (the Bull Runner) & Miguel, Joy, Art, Mikey, Taki (TechSpec), Neville, Coach Rio (Run Rio) and Ian

While waiting to get seated outside Pancake House. Vima, obviously fully recovered and back to her old kulit self with Bobby, Mikey and Joy.

Breakfast finally! - Mariel, JunC, Raymund, Vima, Art, Coach Rio, Mikey, Joy & Bobby

Our usual Sole Mates post-race photo-ops

Mizuno Infinity Run, 10k or 15k?

Last week when Jun asked me what I will run at the Mizuno Race, I quipped, “If I have to answer now, I’d say 5K!”.  That was because I was nursing a hip pain from the 7k run I did at the Nike clinic at the Ultra on Tuesday night.  Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, shouldn’t have pushed it when I first felt the pain at the end of the 16th lap.  Pushed for 2 more laps and paid for it with a week-long hip pain.  The pain was a bit dull come Friday.  Jun and I were even able to run an easy 4k at the Nike clinic at BHS.  I find it funny that it felt painful when I was  walking but miraculously disappeared as soon as I started running such that I was so encouraged to run a little faster that night.

Yeah, at some point, Mariel was running faster than usual even going ahead of me that I had to remind her to take it easy.  What I didn’t tell her at that time was that I was feeling some pain on my knees that was why I kept on going down the asphalt road much to her discomfort as she was worried about the on-coming vehicles.  I scheduled a deep-tissue massage that weekend to release tight muscles and hopefully, alleviate the pain.

So, until Sunday, both of us were still not sure yet what we will register for at the Mizuno Race.  On Monday, before going to  Mizuno Club 650, we made our decisions  and I registered her for a 10k and myself for the 15k.  But now, she’s changing her mind.

I asked Jun to sign me up for another 10k since I wasn’t able do any longer runs to prepare me for a 15k.  This very rainy week though saw me boring the hell out of the treadmill. Yeah, you read that right.  I think the treadmill might have been bored more with just one person (that’s me!) running on it instead of  a possible 3-4 peeps for the same period.   I did a 14k and a 12.5k treadmill run this Tuesday and Thursday, respectively.  I bet you, the treadmill got bored being stuck with me that long.  Yes, its the same treadmill I always go to,  my favorite end spot in the gym.  Ha ha ha I swear, I thought I could see the treadmill motor smokin’.  Poor baby!

In rainy days like these, I’m sure glad I’m friends with Mr. Treadmill! 😉

My Rainy Day BFF

Having ran those distances this week, albeit indoors, I feel I can hack the 15k road run this Sunday.  I’ve finished  five 10k runs within a 2-month period and I feel like moving on to a longer distance.  I’m not saying I’m done with 10k’s or even 5k’s for that matter.  I can still run in those distances probably with PR’s in mind.  Right now,  my goal remains  to be building my base first.

We’ve registered and I can’t upgrade anymore.  10k it is for me then.  I’d probably just try to aim for a better 10k finish.  I struggled with the thought at first but I’m okay with it now.

So, see you all this Sunday!

Praying for a good run … Rain or Shine!!! 🙂

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