Thrill and Trail at Camp John Hay

Since we decided to join  the TNF 10k trail run, a lot has happened.  Jun found a good and reasonably priced Asics trail running shoes for me and I liked it.

Now, now… never ever run a race in a new pair of shoes.  So, off to Baguio we went for some R&R with the family and some shoes break-in running session over the weekend.

The family had a super great time!!!  We started our trip at 5am so the kids after a light breakfast continued sleeping  in the car and woke up when we were already in Tarlac.   After having some sandwiches, the fun began….  the laughter seemed  endless as the children kidded and teased one another.  Jun and I couldn’t help but laugh ourselves. The laughter was contagious as Mikka, our 5 year old, provided most of the comic relief.  They were pleasantly exhausted from laughing when we finally reached  Baguio City.   What a great way to start our vacation!!! 🙂

Our comic, Mikka, providing entertainment as we wait for lunch.

The kids' fave: Jumping shot!

We were able to do everything we planned out to do and more!!!  First stop after unloading our stuff at the resthouse (courtesy of a very good friend) was lunch at Cafe Picarre then off to Camp John Hay for a round of mini-golf which Bea won and which I barely beat Mikka for the last place.  Hah!  When have these kids begun beating me at anything?  Well, they had fun making fun of me.  Providing the comic relief this time is just fine with me.  ha ha ha  Next was horseback riding with me braving the horse-ride with Mikka up and down the sloppy forest trail.  It was a good thing Jun didn’t do this.  It would have aggravated his knee pain.  Mine was painful for a while after that.  After that, we just passed by The Mansion where the kids clowned around for some pictures.  Shakey’s was the kids choice for dinner so off we went to SM for early dinner of pizzas, chicken and mojos and of course, a strawberry shake for Mikka.  It was early sign-off for us as we were all tired from the excitement of the day.  Any thoughts of running the following morning vanished as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get up early.

Serious daw oh! Mom, ang tagaaaaal!

Weeeeeeh!!! Higher Mommy!!!

All hope is not lost though.  As we were preparing to go out the following day,  a great plan was hatched!  Mikka so badly wanted to go mini-golfing again that we decided she can do just that.  But first, we went to find The Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad. No, we weren’t able to pick strawberries but we had  our fill of some unique and tasty  strawberry taho right in the middle of the farm.  After shopping for some pasalubong and some fresh veggies, we went on our way then stopped for some very special lunch — what else, but the kids’ choice —  McDonald’s!  Then off to Camp John Hay again where the kids went mini-golfing while Jun and I sneaked off for a 5k run.  woohoo!  Early dinner at Carlo’s Pizza and desserts of sundaes and splits at Strawberries & Ice Cream (would you believe while it was raining?) capped a great vacation!  Can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

Faster, faster! Gotta get back before the kids finish mini-golfing!

So, did we get some R&R?  You bet!!!  Some shoes break-in sessions?  If you count horse-back riding, mini-golfing and of course, running, then make that 3 yeses!  😉


2 Responses to “Thrill and Trail at Camp John Hay”

  1. 1 Bro J May 22, 2009 at 8:28 am

    It always gives me joy when I see happy family like yours. What a great time you have as shown by the pictures! May God continue to bless your family! Hope to see you around in future races!

  2. 2 thesolemates May 25, 2009 at 9:48 am

    Hi Bro J,

    Nothing thrills us more than seeing our kids happy and having a great time with them.

    God bless you and your family, too!

    Yes, see you at the races!!!

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