Botak Run Prep

After running the Southern Race’ s 10K with Jun just last Sunday, I didn’t think we would be running again so soon.  Seems like “the blue sole”  is at it again.  Yesterday,  he registered us both in Botak Race’s 10k event.

Tuesday:  I was quite half-hearted about doing the 10k when we registered since I was not able to do any long runs after last Sunday’s race.  I attended the Nike clinic Tuesday night and we were made to do a 2k warm-up run, some drills and a 800m x 4.    Super-fast Coach Annie, paced the pack.  When the go signal to start was given, Coach Annie charged and we ran after her huffing and puffing (atleast us, 3 forty something moms who bravely joined the intermediate instead of the beginners’ run).  Woh, that taxed our hearts and lungs, alright! 

At the last 800m, the 3 of us were laughing as we started running.  “Ang bilis-bilis naman nitong Annieng ito.  Bakit ba tayo pinahihirapan nitong batang ito?  ha ha ha… huff huff huff…  ha ha… puff puff puff…  ha… huff huff huff… silence…………HAR HAR HAR

Cheers to you, Thelma and friend (sorry, I’m so bad with names)!  The mind is willing but the heart and lungs are not . . . Well, not yet anyway. . . We’ll get there, don’t yah worry . . .  See yah!

Thursday:   This was gym day where I got carried away doing a full-body work-out and did just a 5k treadmill run.  Tired … gotta get up early for an office meeting Friday.

Saturday:  This is make-up day.  Jun & I headed out at 6:30am and run inside the village.  We ran the first 2k together and of course he accelerated after.    Thinking I am falling short of mileage this week, I secretly wished I would have the strength to do more. 

Yup! Found the strength and finished a 10k much to the “coach’s” chagrin. . .  Sermon to come. . .

We planned a short easy run of around 5-6k.  Despite going home late Saturday night and still experiencing bad back pains (dont know where it’s coming from), we got up early, and after some light breakfast went off for our planned run. 

Ended my run as planned (needed to bring daughters Bea and Sofia to their Dance and Choir practice, respectively).  Stretched and rested and after some time went out the gate and looked out for Mariel expecting her to end her run, too.  Lo and behold, she did not stop and just shouted out, “One more round!  I’m doing 10k!”  Haaay,  eh ano pa bang magagawa ko? 

I got it from him when I came in. 

“You over-did it, you know?    I saw you.  Nag-over ka pa until the tennis court.  You should reserve your energy for tomorrow.”  

What can I say?  Mea Culpa.  😉  

           Uuuy, smile naman  diyan!  🙂                      

           Let’s go Mikka, time for the dentist!  😉

           See you at the Botak Run tomorrow!!!



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