Happy birthday, Annie and Jaymie!

Two of my very closest friends are celebrating their birthdays this month– Annie (May4) and Jaymie (May 5).  So, what a better time to pay tribute to them than now.

Our friendship started with what else but our love for running.  You see, these two running addicts have been very good friends for quite sometime now until I got to join them and had a chance to run with them.  We enjoyed talking while running — about our kids, our spouses and how our family relates with our passion for running.  We also talked of other things such as races that we joined, setting goals and targets we hope to conquer, our plans for our families and  even the little seemingly mundane things.  We learned a lot from one another.

Annie, being a fitness instructor, takes on the role of our fitness guru  and gladly shares all of her flexing  techniques but does not forget to share her jokes and funny moves, too.  Her deep-toned laughter is very distinct and quite contagious.  (mwaaahahaha!)  I can almost hear her laugh now.  Her energy’s so infectious that it seems to latch on to you, too.  There’s never a dull moment with her around.  At ang galing mang-asar!  After running a speed workout,  she’d often shout out to me ” Kaya mo yun?  MWAAAAAHAHAHAH !”   Asar talaga!

Jaymie, on the other hand, being the more experienced runner than I am shares the  latest running info,  gears, training drills for our kind of injury.  Being both flat-footed, we basically have the same shoe-type requirement that we exchange notes on this.  She would also share funny stories but would most often be laughing her heart out on stories and jokes that Annie and I would be sharing.  Don’t be fooled though, malakas din mang-asar  ito!

The 3 of us have lot of things in common, same interest, likes and dislikes (sorry can’t reveal it without approval of the two).  Okay, okay, maybe I can share one.  One of them is our “kakuriputan” (thriftiness).  Our wallets are so heavy that they are seldom brought out except for running gears and accessories.  Hahaha.  As Jaymie said, “How we all wish that our children will be “kuripots” like us so we can retire early and run more”.  We concurred.

This two ladies are like spoiled little sisters to me.  To my misfortune, I am always out-voted whenever we set a date and place for our runs and get-togethers.  I always end up conceding to their plan just like an older brother who always gives in to the request of his little sisters.  It’s  all worth it though since we had lots of fun and laughter.  There were serious talks, too, and sentimental moments especially when Annie was about to leave for Singapore.  In the relatively short time that we’ve known one another, we bonded together alright.  These two have been very good friends to me.  I am honored and feel blessed to be sharing this special bond with them.

Our friendship which began in running is being anchored by many little but significant things we share as runners, buddies, parents and partners to our respective spouses.  Looking forward to a long run with you…

Happy birthday, Annie and Jaymie!

Real, true friends don’t come by everyday.  So, true friendship, when found, must be nurtured and protected.   I am happy Jun found true friends in you both and I am grateful for the friendship extended to me, too.

Our birthday wish?  Good health, happy family and God’s abundant blessings more than you’d ever expect!

Wishing you both long, blissful running years you can enjoy with your hubbies and kids!

Cheers to you, Annie and Jaymie!!!  We’re both glad to have known you and your families.

Have a fabulous birthday!!! 🙂


1 Response to “Happy birthday, Annie and Jaymie!”

  1. 1 thebullrunner May 8, 2009 at 7:02 am

    Thanks Sole Mates! Loved the new nike vest! Phew buti nalang hindi mentos ang regalo ni Jun. 🙂

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