ATC Southern Race

Last Tuesday, while we were yet unsure about running  the 10k because of Mariel’s accident last Sunday and my still tentative confidence for a comeback race,  we decided to register for the Southern Run’s 10k.  In the event that either one of us changes our mind, the plan was  just to downgrade  to 5k depending on how we feel by race day.

I did my first test run Friday in  UP just to have a feel of the road again.  I still experienced on and off pain on my right knee during the run and ITB tightness followed after and  lasted until Saturday evening.  Though still a bit anxious, I’ve decided that day to run the 10K.  I will just have to treat this run as yet another test run.

We arrived at  the Alabang Town Center around 5:15am.  By that time , there was already a long queue of cars towards the lone  parking lot entrance.  We saw Miguel and Jaymie at the parking lot and joined them  walking  to the starting line.  Once there,  we saw good friends  Ben, Dindo, Kim and Dindong who will all be running the 10k. Ben and I agreed to run together and just maintain 6min/km.  pace since I’m still recovering  from injury while Ben has not  done any training run since Condura ( i just don’t  know  if he has a secret training).  Based on this plan, I would have been happy to hit 1hr.

As the race start  was announced,  we all took off and tackled a short incline going up from ATC  towards the main road leading to the AAV gate.  Ben and I paced each other as planned. Upon reaching  Madrigal Ave., we already broke the plan and were running at a faster rate of 5.45 pace being pulled by gravity since it  was downhill.  I did not expect it but this was to be  our running pace for the next 3k.  There were times when we  reminded ourselves to slow down and  just maintain our planned pace.  However, the invigorating feeling of running again just gets the better of us and we again discard the plan and run faster than planned.

A lot of runners overtook  us at first  but I decided early on not to be affected and reserve some energy for the coming uphill climbs.  I just comforted myself with the thought that I am still a recovering injured runner.    We gradually increased our pace at the start of countryclub drive and started passing other runners. That made us feel good. At the last 1.5 kilometer,   Ben  increased his pace and went ahead of me (sabi ko na may secret training ito eh!).

Finishing the race with no pain, having a negative split and a time of 54:15 (9:87km) with an average 5:30min/km pace,    I could consider this a very good day for me. Even though its not a PR for me, I am very happy to be back and ran my 1st 10k of the year after crossing some ups and downs in my running life… I hope progress will be on my side…

Last Friday or 5 days after that fateful Sunday night when I officially became a member of the Semplang Club, I was in high spirits.  First, because the bruising has subsided considerably;  second, because  after 4 non-running days, I was able to resume  running on the treadmill(Thurs) finishing a 10k and at BHS Nike Clinic (Fri)  finishing a 5k run and third, I decided at this point that I will not downgrade and run the 10k on Sunday’s Southern Race.  Woohoo!

Saturday was reserved for the kids’ activities as our 10-year old Sofia passed the auditions for our church’s kids choir and we had to attend the first members’ assembly.  Good job, Sofia!  Sing your heart out to the Lord!  Hmmm… kanino kaya nagmana?  (We’ll tackle that some other time) 🙂  Anyway, the rest of the day was spent just relaxing at home enjoying time with the 2 younger kids while the eldest is out for a 3-day HS Summer Camp.

Come Sunday, race day, I think Jun and I left the house quite nervous.  We quietly drove to Alabang most of the way exchanging only a few words.  He wanted to leave earlier and had to remind me we already need to leave.  As if I am not aware of that but I just had to use the restroom again.  I surely didn’t want to stress him and be stressed about being late myself.

Anyway, we arrived with pleanty of time to spare.  Enough time to find a parking slot (it was a little far from the starting line though), a trip to the restroom (again) and pleanty of time for some pre-race catch-up talk with running friends.

This is to be my 2nd 10k venture.  After my first 10k at the Greenfields Run, I felt my hamstrings were really tight and quite sore.  I felt this about 5 hours after the race  upon reaching home  alighting from the car.  This soreness persisted until Thursday this week or almost 2 weeks.  Thank God, 2 days before race day, almost all my painful body parts (neck, shoulders, back, bruised knees and hamstrings) cooperated.  I felt better and ready to run.  For  the first time in my running life (as if matagal na noh? ;)), I had a full-body massage with concentrated effort on my very sore back and shoulders, iced my hamstrings and did Jun’s hamstring stretches.  I think, this combination of activities really helped put me back in a decent running shape.

As soon as the race started, I was off on my own. ( Eh nasaan ba itong mga  injured na kasama ko at bakit ang bibilis pa rin?!?)  Anyway, i ran by myself as always.  I was thrown off  negotiating the early incline off the starting line but found relief at the downhill Madrigal Ave.  The cloudy sky was heavenly but the hilly course was something I am not used to.  Following the runners ahead of me, we criss-crossed the wide roads atleast 5 times.  I loved the course though with  AAV’s majestic and graceful trees providing a refreshing scenery.  I’ve always liked this place but I’m seeing it now from a different perspective.  I appreciated the  strategically spaced water stations.  It was too bad though that cups ran out at the last station but I miss the distance markers (Wala pa kasing Garmin eh!).  I maintained an easy, steady pace speeding it up only when I finally got out of the AAV gate running towards the finish line at 1:14.33.  No finish pic this time.  My official photographer is running again and that’s just fine with me.   Jun’s happy he’s running again.  So am I!

Marc, Dindo, Jun, Ben, Miguel, Jaymie, me, Tiffin (photo courtesy of TBR))

After the run, off we went to Pancake House for Jaymie’s birthday breakfast treat.


3 Responses to “ATC Southern Race”

  1. 1 marga May 4, 2009 at 10:09 am

    Sa totoo lang ayoko nang maniwala sa inyo pag sinabi ninyong injured kayo haha

  2. 2 Jay May 4, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    Congratulations you too! Specially to you Jun for a smooth 10k run! Wish I could have joined you guys but my sinusitis was acting up again yesterday. Next time!

  3. 3 thesolemates May 4, 2009 at 10:27 pm

    Hey Marga, wala akong maisagot. Mwaaahahaha – JunC 🙂

    Marga, kung wala lang akong inside info, baka di rin ako maniwala! hahahahahahahhahha – Mariel 😉

    Hi Jay, thanks! We missed you there. Get well soon! – Jun&Mariel

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