The Misadventures of the Pink Sole

When we said in our intro message on “about the solemates” that we will write about our adventures and misadventures, I didn’t imagine I would be writing about the latter this early in my running and/or blogging life.   I thought about whether or not  to share this episode but what the heck!  I want this blog to be as honest as possible.  So, here it is…

Sunday started out a pretty good day.  We all woke up at 6:30am, had breakfast and prepared to head out for Nueva Ecija for a little mother-side family reunion. 

Time really passes ever so slowly in the province.It was still quite early at 3:30pm when we all prepared to go home.  Now, I didn’t think we will go home this early so I already scratched all ideas that I will be able to run that day.   When we reached home,  I decided to run in the village instead of the oval  upon Jun’s  suggestion.  It was 6pm and I was racing to get a decent run before it gets dark and before the rains come.  With Jun’s plotted route inside the village of 2K per round,  I thought I will just do 3 rounds or 6K or a 45min run before it gets dark.  On my 2nd round though, Jun came up on his bike checking me out.   He seemed kinda surprised when I said I will just do 6K because it’s getting dark.  He nonchallantly said   “okay lang to continue as long as kaya mo pa” (you can continue as long as you’re not too tired) .   So, feeling strong after the 3rd round (6K), I continued on even if it was already dark intending to  do another 4K.

   The streetlights were a little far apart so some parts of the road were really dark.  I was just a few meters off our house and my 4th round when I ran on an unpainted hump located at an unlighted portion of the road.  Guess what happened next!  It happened 0h so quickly and at the same time ooooh so000 slowly.   It felt like a slow-mo movie and I found myself slowly flying over the hump, stretching my hands forward and praying I don’t hit my face on the rough cemented road.  Boy, that was the longest few seconds of my life.   I would have wanted to do a Supergirl and land with two feet on the ground (That would have been cool!)  …  or even a Cat woman and silently and gently land on all hands and feet (Exotic!).   Instead,  I did a pathetic imitation of  Stuntwoman in a stunt-gone-wrong  and have bruises and scratches on both hands and knees to show for it.  Hah!  You bet you can include bruised ego to that!

Dusting myself up,  I went up the pavement and thought for a second to continue my run (Is this a symptom of a budding running addict?).  Upon checking my knees though and seeing big bruises, I walked backed the house instead.  Heads up still amidst a couple of onlookers’ knowing side glances.

Reached home and was greeted by my kids’ sympathetic words and hugs.  Checking out my knees once again, I was disheartened to see big round wounds surrounded by plenty of small scratches.  In answer to my kids’ loving questions of “Is it painful, Mommy?”  I answered, “I can take the pain but I hate the wounds (and the eventual scar it will make)!”  Jun was looking on as I applied Betadine and managed a whispered “Nabutas ba tights mo?”  I wanted to shout, “Whaaaaat?”  On hindsight,  I forgive him.  I know he must have just been worried about my brand new Adidas tights I found  and excitedly bought 2 days ago.   He knew I’ve been scouting for a good pair for sometime now.

I slept fitfully that night.  I felt sick and feverish.  I can feel the tingling on my knees and palms.  The next day, I felt sore all over.  I had a stiff neck, stiff back and my hamstring at the right leg was bothering me.  No working for me that Monday. . . Took a much needed rest.

Two days after that misadventure,  I find that my wounds are really more of black and blue bruises and the scratches are superficial.  I have high hopes my knees wouldn’t look freaky when they finally heal.  Lord, pleeeeeaaaasssse!

Morale of the story?  Trust your instincts.  Sometimes,  the “Coach” doesn’t know best.  he he he  Love you, honey! 😉

Hey, hey hey…wait a minute…on second thought… sige na nga. Wawa ka naman eh..


6 Responses to “The Misadventures of the Pink Sole”

  1. 1 marga April 29, 2009 at 10:44 am

    mariel!!!! glad to know it’s nothing major! welcome to the secret semplang society, founded by yours truly ahahahaha. hay nako. i’m telling you peklat’s nothing. when i had a nasty bike crash last august my face had a scar! that’s worse! now, all you gotta do is get jun to take you to the derma for regular diamond peel sessions.. that is kung di mo na ginagawa yan ngayon! if you have scars sa knees/elbows/arms, consistent body scrub lang yan. heee. 😀

  2. 2 kulitrunner April 29, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    hi mariel! i am a founding member too of the society mentioned above. haha. try mixing your love for running with biking and you will learn how to wear minis and shorts despite the scars on your knees… and elbows too! hehe, some polite peeps even ask if mine are birthmarks… wehehe, birthmark na tinubuan ng siko at tuhod! hope you are feeling better na! 😉

  3. 3 thesolemates May 4, 2009 at 10:14 pm

    Marga, I think I’ll take your advise and book some diamond peel sessions. I hope it works. Thanks!

    Vims, di ko yata kakayanin ang injuries from biking. Haaay, baka hanggang running na lang ako. If I will be biking in the future, it would most probably be just on a leisure bike (yung may basket sa front. he he he)

    Dearies, I am soooo glad to know I have company! Thanks for making me feel better. 🙂

  4. 4 David Ronquillo July 24, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    buti nalang it’s not the nork that got squashed 🙂

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