1st Greenfields City Run, 1st 10k

Sad to say but I had to pass up the Greenfields Run so as not to aggravate my knee injury but the excitement was still there since Mariel will be running her first 10k.  Woke up as early as 3am and did my regular routine in preparing for a race.  Took a shower, woke her up, ate breakfast and loaded everything in the car that i usually bring during a race. Except that . . .  all of the things I loaded was HER stuff.  The only thing I brought was my camera so I can take HER pictures as strictly instructed.  Likewise brought my wallet so we can buy HER reward! I’m not the one racing.  SHE is.  No, no, don’t get me wrong. I’m not bitter.  Grrrrr!

We arrived at Paseo, Sta Rosa 5:15am and went navigating for a good parking. Seeing people prepping themselves up at the race site made me sigh again, how i wish i was one of them . . .  Again, let me just make it clear that I am not bitter nor am I sad.  hahaha

And so she went and was able to conquer her first 10k today finishing in high spirits. This time it was I in the sidelines supporting her and bearing witness to her feat.  Really happy because I was there  for Mariel as her running coach.  Happy to report that she was a good trainee willingly submitting to my instructions.  Naks, feeling coach daw o!  I wonder,  had I really been a good coach to you, hon?

Hmmm . . . let me think.  Joke!  Of course, you were!  Couldn’t have logged in a decent newbie time without you! Naks!

Honestly,  Jun’s directions and support truly made a difference. Since  he  couldn’t run the race, himself, I think he focused his efforts in coaching me instead.  I just hope he overcomes this injury soon enough.   He tells me how depressing it is not to be able to run when you desperately so want to.  I think I can somehow understand for I think I’ll feel really, really bad if, for some reason or another I will be unable to run at this point.   They say you can’t really relate to injury and the corresponding crippling feeling of inability and incapacity when you have not undergone any.  That may be true.  I just hope I’ll be more sensitive to its effect on Jun and be more supportive of him just as he has been supportive of me and my running.  He really carried me through this as I felt he even becomes apprehensive himself  knowing I was a little nervous.  A little?  Who am I kidding?  I was soooo nervous about not finishing that I had diarrhea the whole day yesterday until the wee hours this morning!  It was a blessing though that I felt okay at race time.

Sensing my apprehensions about not being strong for the race today, Jun gave me a pack of GU gel.  I asked him if I should really be taking that as I remember him telling me before that I should try not to be dependent on energy gels especially during short races.  He said that I can just take it for emergency use if I feel weak during the last couple of kilometers.  I obediently tried to push the pack into my running tights’ very small pocket but it wouldn’t fit.  So, we agreed I shouldn’t  bring it.  I brought my lip gloss instead . . . Couldn’t run with parched lips, can I? 🙂

Haaay, Kikay talaga!

After some stretching exercises and 2 visits to the portalets, the race finally started.  I ran slowly maintaining an easy pace as strictly instructed by my “coach” during the first 5k.  I was happy to note that there were distance markers and water stations were located at strategic distances.  Plenty of marshals were visible all throughout the race guiding the runners.  Kudos to Finish Line team! When I passed the 6k  mark and I still felt good, I knew I will be able to make it.  It was all fun for me from then on with the new-found confidence.  I even found strength to sprint twice as we were about to cross the main road not wanting to be stopped even just a while to give way to the motorists.  At 8k, Sen. Pia Cayetano came walking towards us, clapping and shouting encouraging words. “Let’s go, let’s go.  Konti na lang. You’re almost there!”  Cool !!!  At about 8.5k, came the long gradual incline which extended I think for almost a kilometer.  That was a long one which saw a lot of runners, walking their way uphill.  Still I tried to run continuously and maintain my pace. Anyway, it wasn’t long after that I heard the marching band playing and the finish line was in sight.  Made it at 1:14.37mins (unofficial) with energy to spare!

Jun, of course, was on hand to capture my finish and was able to take pictures of friends finishing as well.  Look on…

At the finish line

At the finish line

Levy, Dindo at 21k and Nana Mayen, kaye at 10k

Levy, Dindo at 21k and Nana Mayen, kaye at 10k

As usual, off we went for breakfast with the Pizarro’s.  Jay and Dindo who were supposed to join us chose to continue the run and add more mileage.  Haaay, nainggit na naman si Jun and Jaymie

Jay, me, Jun, Jaymie & Dindo

Jay, me, Jun, Jaymie & Dindo

The Solemates

The Sole Mates


9 Responses to “1st Greenfields City Run, 1st 10k”

  1. 1 kulitrunner April 20, 2009 at 9:55 am

    congrats mariel! better luck next time jun! hehe… j/k! 🙂

  2. 2 levyang April 20, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    Hi JunC and Mariel,

    Kakatuwa naman itong blog niyo!! Congrats Mariel on your first 10K, I’m sure there’ll be more to come and it’ll be exciting to see the improvements your bound to make in the days ahead. It was nice to see you JunC as well as Jaymie sa finish. Sayang, di pala kayo nakatakbo….Really hope and pray that you guys can get rid of that injury soon. Ingat.

    – Levy

  3. 3 thesolemates April 20, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    Thank Vims.

    Levy – Thanks. Glad you enjoyed reading our blog. Congrats also for your 21k finish. Same here, hoping and praying it will be soon…

  4. 4 vince April 21, 2009 at 7:14 am

    Jun and Mariel,

    Grabe, bloggers na talaga kayo. hahaha!!! Nice concept ha. Its like a love letter open to public. haha!!! Sweet diba. I’m sure you will go a long way especially in influencing other couples to make running part of their lifestyle. Mas happy ang family pagfit si Mommy at Daddy. Congrats Mariel!!!! Bilib ako sa iyo. Dati ikaw lang nanunuod, ngayon, ikaw na pinapanuod. hahaha!!!

  5. 5 Bro J April 22, 2009 at 8:26 am

    Jun and Mariel,
    Congrats Mariel on your first 10K and to your coach, great job coach Jun! Ang cute din ng concept ng blog nyo, galing! I’m sure more couple will be inspired by sharing your experiences in running. More power and keep on running/blogging! God bless!

  6. 6 mixednuts April 22, 2009 at 11:29 am

    hi jun this is mayi. congrats on this blog. it was fun to read and congrats to your wife mariel for finishing her first 10k. it’s funny to read your version of being on the sideline watching the runners, just like jaymie.

  7. 7 rununlimited April 22, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    Congratulations Mariel on your first 10km race. Despite not feeling well before the race you still managed to finish strong and enjoyed the race. Galing ni “coach”. Jun, welcome to the club. See you again.

  8. 8 thesolemates April 22, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    Thanks Vince! We’re glad you like the concept and enjoyed reading. Sana nga other couples will get inspired to run together. – Jun & Mariel

    Salamat Bro J! More power to all running couples.. – Jun & Mariel

    Hi Mayi, Thanks. Hope I will not be sidelined that long. – Jun

    Thanks Vener! Galing nga eh. May personal coach ako. Libre pa! ha ha ha – Mariel

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