Pinay In Action Run, Our Family Run

“Whaaat???  Another race after just a week?  Are you sure I can do this?  Baka naman masobrahan ako nyan.  Isn’t the Greenfield race coming soon, too?  Won’t I get injured like you?”  This was how Mariel first reacted to the idea.

Inspite of the initial apprehensions though, we decided we will run this race (I mean, they will run this race).  We decided to join PIA fun run and make it a family affair.  So we registered our 2 younger daughters, Sofia and Mikka for the 1.6k and Mariel for the 5k.  The plan was for our eldest daughter, Bea and myself to run with the 2 kids.

Since this is Pinay in Action Run, I will let the woman do the telling:

She said:

We arrived in MOA early, found a perfect parking spot, and had much time kidding around with the kids.  We did practice runs which Mikka really enjoys a lot before proceeding to the starting line.  Her laughter and shrieks of delight just brought smiles to our faces. We still had much time left before the start of the race and we had plenty of time to just people-watch and take some pictures.  Jun was the family’s official photographer as always and wasted no time clicking away.

Just before the start of the 5k and 10k race, we saw Miguel.  Shortly after, we positioned ourselves at the race start. We’re running the more serious races while Jun and Jaymie, the more seasoned runners ran the 1.6K with our respective kids. 🙂 The alarm sounded and off we went which left Mikka crying for Mommy.  I think we failed to brief Mikka that Mommy will be running a different race.  She might have expected to run with me the same way we did during the Unicef Run.  Seeing me go off without her probably surprised her to tears.  My poor baby!  I wanted to go back and comfort her.  Lesson learned there.  Better briefing and emotional preparation for the little one next time.

As soon as I began running I knew I didn’t feel as strong.  I felt I will easily tire out.  The previous day’s activities of treadmill running and shopping in my wedge shoes seem to have exhausted me.  Wedge shoes while shopping?  Big mistake!  How can a veteran shopper like me not know that? I thought they would be comfortable enough for shopping. Duh!  I was actually planning to accompany Jun to his meeting but decided otherwise at the last minute and suggested that he just drop me off Glorietta thus, the inappropriate shoes.  There you go…

Anway, I was still able to finish  without walking.  I was more exhausted this time but felt good that I still finished under 40mins.  Still couldn’t forget that tisoy’s goal which I made mine as well..  That’s a good enough achievement for a month-old runner like me.  Or so I would like to believe…

Thanks to Jun who was there at the finish line to take picture and record my finish.

The kids’ race started a few minutes after we took off. Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for Mikka to calm down. Once the race started, it fun time.  The kids enjoyed what is actually our 2nd Family Fun Run.

Clowning with Coach Rio and Kaye

Clowning with Coach Rio and Kaye

We hang around with friends, Miguel and Jaymie, Coach Rio and Kay, Coach Jo-Ar a few meters from the finish line taking some post-race pictures. The kids are already clamoring for food and off we went to McDo Bluewave with the Pizarro family to get the kids’ happy meal rewards.


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