Condura – 1st Run and Anniversary Run

With the Condura Race already a month old, I know you have read much about the great race.  You’ve probably seen pictures of me in some of the blogs and have read about some of my race experiences in my good friends’ Jaymie, Jay,  or Vima‘s blogs. Bear with me though for this time, I’m sharing my experience first hand.  It’s giving me a kick just thinking I’d be able to chronicle my running experiences and probably get a couple of you out there to be interested in partaking of what I have to share.

The condura is one race we will definitely remember with special fondness.  It was my and Mariel’s first race – mine in 2008 and Mariel’s in 2009.  So, while I was celebrating my 1st year anniversary traversing the 21k skyway route, Mariel was running her first ever serious race at 5k.

Still nursing a knee injury, I am forced to take it easy and just enjoy the skyway experience.  My condura running buddies, Jaymie, Vince and Jake who joined us after the 1st quarter, all had one goal — run at kwento pace and finish without injury.  The four of us surely enjoyed the seemingly strolling and relaxed pace.  Conversation and laughter abound during the first half.  The chatter was kept to a minimum from about 5-12k and finally halted at 14k.  Each one kept to himself and concentrated all energy on running.  The experience was something else.  I felt good all throughout the race except for some moments when way too many are running past me.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  You guessed that well Jaymie.  It piqued me sometimes seeing them run past us when i know we can do better than our current pace.  Anyway, I got to run in a unique route, had fun with my friends and finished strong without aggravating my injury.  I felt really strong at the end of the race feeling I could still run some more.  Feeling that way, I was able to give attention about how my runningmates were doing, who by that time were definitely in no mood for any form of conversation anymore. I had the chance to play good Samaritan offering Jaymie my last GU gel and Vince my last hydraform bottle of Gatorade.

Best of all, I was happy knowing that Mariel wasn’t just in the sidelines giving me moral support.  She too, was experiencing this race. While I was just praying that Mariel will understand my passion for running and fully support me in this new endeavor, God had better plans.  He made her run as well.

She said:

Haha! Run I did…

I’ve been hearing Jun and his running buddies excitedly talk about the Condura Race for sometime now and after a while you get caught up in their animated conversations.  It caught my interest enough to even think about joining a race when i wasn’t even running yet at that time.  Having no experience in serious runs, I was quite apprehensive about participating.  Barely a month before though, as Jun was registering at Nike Park BHS, I asked him “Do you think I can finish the 5k if I start running now? Will it be okay to walk?”  To which he replied an encouranging “Yes you still have time to train and oo naman, you can walk.” I threw all caution in the wind and decided to register as well.  That fateful Sunday, with kids in tow, we looked for a suitable training attire for me. We spent the whole afternoon finding that “perfect” attire (meaning, something that actually fits?)  Uuurgh, must be God’s way of telling me I really have to get some exercise, NOW!  Hah, Jun must have been really happy I am joining for I didn’t hear a word of complaint.  It wasn’t the same for the kids though especially for Mikka, 5 and Sofia, 9, who were already tired from running around all the stores we went to.  So by early evening we headed home so the kids can rest.  Miracle of all miracles, Jun still asked me if I wanted to head to Megamall to pick-up the attire the salesperson in Mizuno-Club 650 branch reserved for me at Mizuno-Megamall. That blew me away!  Of course, I said yes and went to pick up my brand new running outfit.

Training for me involved digging up my rusty but almost unused Slimmer’s World membership card. I barely used the facilities after I signed up as a lifetime member after my first pregnancy 14 years ago.  Like a lot of people I know, I often think it will always be there when I need it.  lifetime nga eh!  Things are quite different now.  I started using it that week I registered for the race and I’m building a beautiful love relationship with the treadmill since then.  The oval is but 2nd love at this point as I get to run there only when Jun is around.

Race day: Excited and simultaneously nervous, Jun and I headed out to BHS at 4:30am and was promptly at the site by 5am. Jun did his usual stretching and warm-up run while I stayed in the car unsure and feeling awkward about stretching and holding those poses for all to see (see what a novice I was?).  My s0-called warm-up came as a few seconds  jog from the ladies room to the parking lot.  I meant to jog all the way to the starting line but Miguel, TBR’s hubby, who was preparing to run the 10k called out and we walked to the starting line musing about how we did not do any warm-ups.  Ha ha ha  We bid each other well and went to our starting corrals.

Being by my lonesome self, waiting for the race to start amidst a sea of runners, proved to have some benefit, too.  I was able to drink in the sights and sounds of the race.  The chatter around me was interesting.  One particularly caught my attention — a late thirtyish or early fortyish tisoy guy behind me was updating his friends on his personal record which he said was currently at 38 minutes for a 5k run.  His friend encouragingly told him that it was a pretty good record and added that breaking the 40min. timeline is already a pretty good accomplishment for a 5k beginner.  Ting!!! Why don’t I make that my goal today?, I thought to myself.  Is that possible?  My shortest 5k run in the treadmill was 47 minutes. Maybe If  I don’t walk . . . Hmm . . . no harm trying.  Tried hard I did.  Except for a short water break, I did not stop nor walk to rest!  Now that was a first!!! I was feeling really good.  Negotiating the bend at the Market/Serendra and thinking the finish line is near, I glanced at my stop watch (take note honey, I’m already dreaming of my garmin) to find the time at just past 30 minutes.   Wow, hitting my borrowed goal just  might be possible after all.  This pushed a button and I increased the pace and clocked-in at 36.22mins.  Good enough for a newbie, they say.  Well, thats encouraging!  It was a natural high and kidded Jun later on that I’m ready for another 5k.

After a while, I positioned myself near the finish line making sure I get a picture of Jun and company finishing the race. I think I got hooked even more as I saw exhausted bodies but triumphant faces crossing the finish line.  One man was even limping his way to the finish… agony etched on his sweat-drenched face…mustering what energy he had left to finish the race.  Wow, that was an electrifying scene for me!

After the race, we, together with Miguel and Jaymie proceeded to Pancake House McKinley Hill for some well-deserved breakfast.

Here’s a bonus for me — later that night, Jun and I with our eldest daughter Bea, went to Galleria to get me my reward —  another perfect running shirt. =)

Getting hooked… definitely.


5 Responses to “Condura – 1st Run and Anniversary Run”

  1. 1 thebullrunner April 18, 2009 at 10:12 am

    Welcome to the blogging world Jun and Mariel! I love this blog! It’s fun reading about one topic from your different viewpoints. Looking forward to reading more 🙂

  2. 2 kulitrunner April 18, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    i anjoyed reading your first post jun and mariel! it is something different kasi its as if i’m reading two blogs at the same time… hmmmm, hala jun! garmin for mariel daw oh! and hey mariel, while you are at it, you can also start with a list with water bottles/belt, new running shoes and more, more, more in it! lol!

  3. 3 thesolemates April 19, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    Kulit ka na, Kunsintidor ka pa Vims!! JunC…

    Luvyah Vims! – Mariel 🙂

  4. 4 kulitrunner April 20, 2009 at 10:00 am

    JunC – wahahahaha! 😆 Ikaw naman, for us girls, mas encouraging tumakbo palapit sa finish with the promise of rewards waiting at the end. kaya nga STRONG FINISH dapat di ba. hehe. 😉

    Mariel – *hugs*, tama di ba? lol!

  1. 1 2009: The Year That Was « The Sole Mates Trackback on December 31, 2009 at 5:49 pm

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